Pleasant Valley School District

Planning the Work, Working the Plan: How One District Substantially Improved Student Outcomes and Reading Scores –
As Evidenced by a Lehigh University Study Step By Step Learning® MTSS Intervention Works!

Pleasant Valley School District’s youngest students were struggling. Administrators and teachers knew something had to be change, so in 2006, a Step By Step Learning® MTSS was implemented. Between 2006-2012, Kindergarten, First, and Second grade teachers at Pleasant Valley have received detailed instructions for implementing the universal MTSS process, including:

• Data analysis & informal diagnostics mapping
• Student Intervention Response meetings
• LETRS®* professional development
• Connecting to the Classroom™
• Instructional modeling & coaching
• Small group toolkits for interventions
• Leadership Course focused on writing a detailed literacy plan (PILS Approved-45 hours)
• Teach Me To Read At Home™…a family literacy training program for their Pre-K families

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