Amber Rush

Administration Support


With a B.A.B.A (Bachelor of Arts of Business Administration) from LaRoche College, and nearly a decade of expertise in marketing and event planning, Amber enjoys formulating and developing creative new ideas. A keen eye for the details, you will often find Amber balancing numerous projects and tasks within organization and precision. Her skills are heavily relied upon during many of Step By Step Learning’s events, from marketing materials to menu planning and decor for Student Achievement celebrations. Celebrating educator effectiveness is a key component to Step By Step Learning, and Amber has a great ability to keep these goals in the forefront of all she does.


Amber is married with three children, and in her down time, she Amber enjoys party planning, being creative with crafts, gardening and cooking. She especially enjoys carving out special moments with her small children, whose favorite places include swimming and going on dates as a family.