Helen Bispels

Educational Consultant



Helen is a true believer that all kids can read and is a diligent worker as a Step By Step Learning Associate to support schools in their efforts to improve. With over 10 years of experience in the classroom, she understands the demands placed on teachers and is able to offer them the knowledge and techniques necessary to improve students’ reading skills. Additional experience as an adjunct professor at Kutztown University and as a supervisor in an alternative school enables her to help school leaders develop productive literacy teams.

She earned a Masters in Elementary Teaching from Manhattanville College; an MBA from University of Miami; and a BA in Music Theory and History from West Chester University.


Always striving to learn, Helen likes experimenting with home gardening and cooking vegetarian dishes. She enjoys the outdoors and hikes or goes cross country skiing whenever possible. She lives in Kutztown with her husband, his three children, and their two dogs.