Live Virtual Conference

May 27-29

All donations go to COVID heroes!

Suggested Donation:

$10/day or $25 all three

16 Presenters

And 13 more including:

Joan Sedita, Dr. Tim Shanahan, Dr. Freddy Hiebert, Dr. Lucy Hart Paulson, Dr. Howie Knoff, Dr. Nancy Mather, Dr. David Boulton, Dr. Jan Hasbrouck, Dr. Anita Archer, Dr. Kevin Colleary, Dr. Nadine Gaab, Dr. Amanda VanDerHayden, and Dr. Laura Boccanfuso

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Testimonial from a 1st Grade Teacher in Alpine

“I just wanted to send you some positive vibes about our wonderful SBSL training this year. I have been teaching for 21 years. I have taken a LOT of in-service classes during those two decades. Bar none, this is the best in-service training I have ever had. Add to it the wonderfully positive coaching that you provide and you have a perfect recipe for success. I am so very appreciative of your thorough and positive coaching. I learn something important every time we meet. I learn just as much from watching you model as I do from having you watch and coach me. And the training is specifically tailored to helping our first graders succeed at reading in a systematic and thorough way.

So KUDDOS to you and your team! Thanks for inspiring, positive, and thorough training and coaching. My only regret is not getting it earlier.”

Student Success

literacy_programsLearn how two school districts dramatically reduced the number of reading delayed students in their districts!

Parent Involvement

literacy_programsWatch the video of a new web portal for parents called Teach Me To Learn at Home™

Can Reading Failure Be Prevented?

reading_failureGet a FREE Literacy Gap Analysis to determine where are the specific root causes of reading failure in your District Literacy Plan.


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84% of Kindergartners throughout Bethlehem’s 16 elementary schools are academically ready for 1st grade according to nationally normed assessments. Read how they use classroom data to make instructional decisions.