Leadership in Literacy: Implementing Reading Research Best Practices

“This is exactly what EVERY Education Leader needs. I now understand what a comprehensive Response to Intervention Literacy project should look like in Classrooms and now I am better able to manage the literacy efforts and results in my building.”      
– Dr. Fannie Spain, Principal Shonto Boarding School, Shonto AZ

Response to Intervention for Administrators . . .

 a step by step approach


to building a comprehensive literacy plan that delivers results!


This specially designed course, developed and offered exclusively by Step By Step Learning®, offers 32 hours of classroom work and 16 hours of follow up individualized support for developing a comprehensive Response to Intervention plan. This Leadership in Literacy course surveys the evidence-supported best practices for assessment, instruction, professional development, and resource allocation to positively affect student literacy and achievement. The course is built around planning, documenting, and communicating measurable goals for students to attain, and outlining the tools and resources needed to implement a successful RtI literacy program.

School leaders explore the specific action steps that instructional leaders must take to translate your district’s efforts to achieve quantifiable student achievement. Course participants create a customized and comprehensive School Literacy Plan that is implemented at the school or district level through on-going, job-embedded assignments and activities.

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