Instructional Adaptations

  • Student Intervention Response Meeting

Student Intervention Response Meeting


Materials:  Student screening data, progress monitoring data, informal diagnostic data, Instructional Planning for Intervention form, Intervention Logs, sample lessons, 25-minute collaborative problem-solving process

Course Hours:  4

Prerequisite Trainings:  Data Analysis, Informal Surveys, Differentiated Instruction through Use of Informal Surveys, Intervention Logs and Logistical Planning for Intervention.

Course Description:  Instructor will facilitate a meeting to determine student progress as a result of classroom intervention.  The 25-Minute Process for Academic or Behavior Concerns will be introduced and modeled as a tool for collaborative problem solving.  Participants will practice and then apply the student focused process targeting a current problem.

Learning Objectives:
Participants will be able to:

  • Apply a problem solving strategy
  • Collaboratively plan with colleagues using a systematic approach
  • Use progress monitoring data and intervention logs to determine which students required an instructional adaptation

Student Participation:   Yes

Substitute Needs:  1 substitute teacher to follow each SBSL coach.