Small Group Toolkit

Step By Step Learning® Kits are perfect for Response to intervention Small Group Instruction for pre-k through third grade.



Printable Kit Brochure



  • Each kit emphasizes phoneme awareness, sound-symbol relationships, connect text and teach skills.
  • All kits provide ample practice opportunities for increased academic-engaged time and include creative, multi sensory approaches that enhance learning.
  • The kits complement LETRS®* training and connect knowledge to the classroom.
  • Kits support ability to deliver a more systematic, explicit lesson in small groups.

The Step By Step Learning® Small Group Toolkits were designed to support the development of effective teachers.  The three kits, Phonological Awareness, Beginning Decoding, and Advanced Decoding, are complete with all materials needed for small group instruction, enabling teachers and reading specialist to teach phoneme awareness and early to advanced word identification skills.  Carefully scripted lessons, which can supplement any reading program, serve as the means for learning how to explicitly and systematically teach the most basic yet important early reading skills so that every child learns to read.  When combined with professional development based upon reliable research, the SBSL Small Group Toolkits bring to life the knowledge of how students learn to read and make effective teaching and learning a reality.

*LETRS® is a registered trademark of Cambium Learning® Group and any use herein does not imply endorsement or affiliation.