Using Universal Screeners

Introduction to Administering Screening Assessments to Collect Valid Data


Materials:  Selected universal screening assessment materials.
Course Hours:  7
Prerequisite Trainings:  none
Course Description:  Participants will learn the purpose  for universal screening tools and the research supporting the selected screening tool.  All participants will learn the scoring and administration procedures for the selected screening tool and practice the assessment during the training.
Learning Objectives:
Participants will be able to:
Administer screener with fidelity
Discuss the purpose of screening assessments
Student Participation:   No
Substitute Needs:  1 substitute per participant.

Introduction to Data Analysis

Materials:  Data from selected universal screening assessment materials, access to work-stations with Internet access, Data Analysis Manual.
Course Hours:  7
Prerequisite Trainings:  none
Course Description:  Participants will learn, practice and then apply the systematic process for analysis of their students’ data collected from universal screener.  They will apply the analysis to determine which students will receive a diagnostic assessment.  Participants will be introduced to the Preventative Approach using a 3-tier model or district’s identified MTSS model.  Participants will set goals for moving their students towards 95% benchmark.
Learning Objectives:
Participants will be able to:
Analyze student data to determine which students should receive a specified diagnostic.
Use data to identify areas individual student needs and whole group needs.
Discuss the components of a Preventative Model.
Share the current status of their students achieving benchmark and a plan for moving students towards benchmark.
Construct a schedule for progress monitoring.
Student Participation:   No