Teach Me To Learn at Home®

… is a learning pathway is designed to help parents and guardians offer a literacy rich environment in their home.

We take the best-of-the-best research and evidence in all areas of literacy to create a personalized learning path for parents and guardians of children aged 2-5. Learning in the home comes to life with Teach Me To Learn at Home®. You will have access to demonstrations, video clips, expert opinion and dialogue with other parents and researchers all in one easy click. It gives parents and guardians an experience to learn how to teach the best literacy practices to their own children right from home.


Six unique learning pathways

  • Little One, Big Words (Vocabulary Building)
  • Look in Books (Book and Print Awareness)
  • Talk it Up! (Early Language Awareness)
  • Sounds in Words (Phoneme Awareness)
  • Letters and Little Ones (Letter Recognition)
  • A is for Apple (Letter Sounds)
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