Bethlehem Area School District

Lincoln Elementary, Bethlehem, PA…and Step By Step Learning®
After just several months of a MTSS process implementation with K-1, which included personalized, in classroom modeling and coaching, the Science of Teaching Reading content training, Connecting to the Classroom® sessions, and multi-tier system and support (MTSS) protocols, there already has been unprecedented RESULTS in students’ reading, writing and spelling skills.

Achieving such impressive results in such a short time is not easy, particularly with the demographic make-up of the school’s youngest students. Such achievement requires dedication and commitment and a willingness to think and act differently in the classroom. Pam Hill, a consultant with Step By Step Learning®, said, “The teachers at Lincoln Elementary have been open to the possibility of positive change from the first day we met. They have a strong desire to help improve their students’ literacy skills and trusted that we could help them. Their willingness to learn new information about how to teach reading, take risks in trying new (and sometimes uncomfortable) unfamiliar instructional strategies, and be open to constructive feedback has been the key to early and significant success for their students. Teachers can sometimes be nervous about trying new things in their classrooms because they don’t want the kids to fail, but they soon learned that by making slight modifications to their teaching approaches, they can achieve significant quantifiable improvements in their students’ understanding and retention. The methodologies taught by the in-classroom Step By Step Learning® consultants allow teachers to actively use the data they collect for each child and focus on the academic growth of all students.”

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