Don’t just take it from us!  Please feel free to contact any of the School Districts we work with as a reference to their success with Step By Step Learning®.

Step By Step Learning® is dedicated to providing quality Intervention Strategies for Academic Success.  We focus our attention on research and evidence-based solutions that deliver the best results. These best practice,  evidence-based solutions are multi-leveled for teachers to be able to focus on a wide range of students who are struggling.

Quotes from Researchers

tiny quotes1My interactions with the people at Step By Step Learning® is that they are serious about taking the most reliable data from research and translating it into effective practices for the classroom.tiny quotes

– Dr. Joseph K. Torgesen, former Founding Director of the Florida Center for Reading Research and Distinguished Research Professor of psychology and education at Florida State University.

tiny quotes1The Step By Step Learning® team has solid, mutually respectful relationships with the most renowned researchers and contributors to reading and math instruction in the industry.tiny quotes

– Dr Timothy Shanahan, Dr Jan Hasbrouck and Dr Roland Good

tiny quotes1There is not enough time in the day, week, or school year for administrative teams to collaborate and plan. While taking this ACT 45 course, district and building leaders get real time to focus not only on what needs to be done, but time to plan and figure out how to do it as well. The collaboration and conversation that occur about a common theme toward a common goal are very powerful. It changes the mindset and direction for many Principals and administrators about what is really possible.tiny quotes

– Assistant Superintendent and Director of Elementary Education

tiny quotes1This course is different than other ACT 45 credited courses because it accents the importance between instructional leadership, quality teaching, and student achievement. The components of the literacy plan forces leaders to honestly and openly look at their current practices, the practices in their schools, and their achievement data to determine areas of strength and need. The process helped us problem solve and plan for improvement. I definitely recommend the course for all administrators. Our team found it extremely beneficial!tiny quotes

– Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction