Achieving the Extraordinary

Achieving the Extraordinary

I have taught at some of the best schools in my geographic area, although not according to their test scores. My students have been bright, enthusiastic, intrinsically motivated and creative. They continue to teach me, inspire me, and remind me how lucky I am to be in this profession. Unfortunately, the tools used to measure their success do not take this creativity and passion into consideration. Standardized tests measure how well my students can decode words, understand syntax, and comprehend meaning. Almost all of the adept minds I have taught have either been English Language Learners, or have had a learning challenge, such as, dyslexia. These students can have amazing, creative ideas, but due to their inabilities to process written information, or differences in working memory or executive functioning, their test scores have not shown their brilliance.

Step By Step Learning® provides the science behind teaching reading, writing and spelling, in an incredibly user-friendly manner, so that ALL students rise to the level of achievement expected. The SBSL staff is there for you throughout the entire process to help answer any questions you have, and to continually mentor you as you try new techniques! A comprehensive Response to Intervention that has been proven to help students who are disheartened, students who believe they are not as smart as the other kids and are ready to give up, and has given them the encouragement and tools to succeed that they so desperately deserve.

Step By Step Learning® goes beyond the scope and sequence of what is being taught in classrooms and helps students at all levels break words into syllables and phonemes. With help and practice from SBSL, your students will begin to see the brilliant minds that you know they possess, and will begin achieving beyond where you even think possible.

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