Explicit Teacher Modeling

Explicit Teacher Modeling

The purpose of explicit teacher modeling is to provide students with a clear, multi-sensory model of a skill or concept. The teacher is the person best equipped to provide such a model.


What is it?


-Teacher both describes and models the skill and/or concept.

-Teacher clearly describes features of the  concept or steps in performing math skill.

-Teacher breaks  concept and/or skill into learnable parts.

-Teacher describes and models using multi-sensory techniques.

-Teacher engages students in learning through demonstrating enthusiasm, through maintaining a lively pace, through periodically questioning students, and through checking for student understanding.


What are the critical elements of this strategy?


There are eight essential components of explicit instruction:


1. Concept and/or skill is broken down into critical features or elements.

2. Teacher clearly describes concept and/or skill.

3. Teacher clearly models concept and/or skill.

4. Multi-sensory instruction (visual, auditory, tactile, kinesthetic)

5. Teacher thinks aloud as she/he models.

6. Teacher models examples and non-examples.

7. Cueing

8. High levels of teacher-student interaction


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Resource: http://fcit.usf.edu/mathvids/strategies/em.html