Multisensory Techniques Help Teachers Accommodate Learning Styles:

Multisensory Techniques Help Teachers Accommodate Learning Styles:

Some researchers theorize that many students have an area of sensory learning strength, sometimes called a learning style. This research suggests that when students are taught using techniques consistent with their learning styles, they learn more easily, faster, and can retain and apply concepts more readily to future learning. Most students, with a disability or not, enjoy the engaging variety that multisensory techniques can offer.



Stimulating Visual Reasoning and Learning:


Multisensory techniques often include visual teaching methods and strategies such as using:

Text and/or pictures on paper, posters, models, projection screens, or computers;

Film, video, multi-image media, augmentative picture communication cards or devices, finger spelling and sign language;

Adaptive Reading Materials;

Use of color for highlighting, organizing information, or imagery;

Graphic organizers, and outlining passages; and

Student-created art, images, text, pictures, and video.



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