Response to Intervention (RtI) Readiness and Implementation: Self-Assessment Tools

Assessment tools are intended to assist schools/districts to determine initial readiness and next steps toward implementation of Response to Intervention strategies for meeting the learning needs of ALL students.

Addressing the main indicators of the current Level Of Implementation (LOI), self-assessment tools may be used by individual school staff and/or be used by a school team to stimulate group conversations and to formulate a school profile.

Your school’s current level of implementation can be rated using a three-point scale (1=low, 2=medium, 3=high). To determine “next steps,” it is important not only to gauge the current implementation status of each item, but to also determine its relative priority.

Step By Step Learning® works with school districts to implement a comprehensive evidenced-based approach to literacy that includes assessment, effective classroom instruction techniques, collaborative problem-solving and research-supported multi-sensory intervention models to ensure all students succeed in reading. Through a professional development model that includes ongoing coaching and mentoring support, Step By Step Learning® crafts a unique implementation strategy for each local district.

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