Success in Small Group Instruction

Success in Small Group Instruction

The fact that more than half of the first grade students enrolled in most schools are not able to meet the benchmarks for phonemic decoding skills (as assessed by the Nonsense Word Fluency Measures and almost half still cannot meet these benchmarks at the beginning of second grade is of special concern. These students show an overall relative decline in oral reading fluency (ORF) during the first and second grade, so that too few (46%) meet grade level expectations in ORF at the beginning of third grade. Overall, the data suggest that too many students in schools are consistently “losing ground” relative to grade level expectations in word-level reading skills (accuracy and fluency) between the beginning of first grade and the beginning of third grade.

Step By Step Learning,

Bringing all the pieces together for reading success

The Step By Step Learning® Small Group Toolkits were designed to support the development of effective teachers. The three kits, Phonological Awareness, Beginning Decoding, and Advanced Decoding, are complete with all materials needed for small group instruction, enabling teachers and reading specialists to teach phoneme awareness and early to advanced word identification skills. Carefully scripted lessons and step-by-step videos, which can supplement any reading program, serve as the means for learning how to explicitly and systematically teach the most important early reading skills so that every child learns to read.

The Small Group Toolkits bring to life the knowledge of how students learn to read and make effective teaching and learning a reality.

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