Teacher Education that Matters

Teacher Education that Matters

When researching Universities to get my Master of Arts in Teaching Degree, I saw promises of expedited learning, online options, and programs that would all but guarantee a job afterwards according to their statistics. I enrolled in a Masters program where I learned a lot about pedagogy. I was taught about cooperative learning groups, differentiated instruction, scaffolding, Sociocultural Learning Theory, the Zone of Proximal Development, Social Emotional Learning, and the meanings of the words phonological awareness, syntax, and semantics. This helped me “talk the talk” during my interviews, and my degree gave me an idealistic view of what the classroom was like. When I was on my first job for about a week, I realized how unprepared I really was.


With my Masters Degree came a lot of academic language and theories, but very little applicable skills that I could bring right into my classroom. It was like gaining all of the knowledge to be a professional chef, but not having any food to prepare. Professional Development has saved me, and it has helped me teach my students not only how I know they should learn, but what I know they should learn. Step by Step Learning®  provides teachers with solutions that benefit every type of learner in the classroom. Teachers can receive sample lessons, clearly explained Response to Intervention strategies and small group kits, and have the constant help of a mentor assigned to them by Step by Step Learning®. They just don’t teach a workshop and leave you to figure it out later on your own.


As a public school teacher, I know the responsibility I have to the students I am teaching and to my community. Test scores are at the forefront of everyone’s mind, and I know the techniques taught to the teachers by Step By Step Learning® professionals have helped many of the most at risk students, who might otherwise simply struggle to read their whole life. My colleagues were feeling just as helpless as I was at the time. The multi-sensory techniques are proven and you can view some of these success stories in the ‘Success’ section on the Step By Step Learning® website. Pleasant Valley School District implemented this process and saw a 40-50% increase in their academic results.


As a highly qualified educator, it is important that I not only have the knowledge, but the right tools and techniques to use in my classroom with the most struggling students. Step by Step Learning® provides teachers the latest scientific researched techniques that can enhance the learning of all students.

To find out more information about our documented results with school districts and their most struggling readers academic achievement, visit our website at https://sbsl.org/get-in-touch/ or email us today at info@sbsl.org

Download your sample small group instructional toolkit lessons here: https://sbsl.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/Sample_Kit_Online.pdf