Jacqueline Robbeloth

Educational Consultant



Jacqueline has over ten years of business experience in the market research, banking, and insurance fields in Cincinnati before starting her career in the education field in 2008. Jacqueline is dedicated to helping administration and teachers find effective methods to bridge the literacy gap facing all students today. With more than 6 years in the education field, she has worked in Ohio as a teacher and administrator.

Jacqueline has used data analysis to identify instructional needs and solutions in classroom and building-wide instruction both in her classroom and her teachers’ classrooms to get better results. Jacqueline used a Response to Intervention (RtI) approach to bridge the Tier I, II, and III literacy gaps in her own building to make reading gains in college readiness and Value-Added growth. She has a passion to coach others to help their struggling readers succeed.

Jacqueline has two associate’s degrees, a Bachelor of Arts degree, and she earned her Master of Science degree in Middle Childhood Education from the University of Dayton.


Jacqueline has been married to Michael for the past 12 years and resides in Carlisle, Ohio with him and their 16 1/2 year old fur child, Hershey, a black and tan dachshund. She is a world traveler who has been to four continents, thirty-four countries, and forty states. She is an avid bowler, bowling in leagues in Dayton, Ohio and participates in local, state, and national bowling tournaments yearly.