Kristen Segna Maxwell

Educational Consultant


For the last 20 years, Kristen has dedicated herself to education in many different ways. She has 15 years teaching experience in a junior high ELA classroom. Kristen has additional experience training adults. During the course of her career, she has been on multiple committees to develop, assess, and evaluate common grade level assessments as well as consulted on the Grade 7 Writing Achievement Test for the Ohio Department of Education. She is an educator, a student, a researcher, a writer, a consultant and a leader. Kristen has presented ideas and projects at various educational conferences, and has won awards for creativity in the classroom. Not only does Kristen have her Master’s in Teaching and Learning, but she is also a multi-country licensed teacher with a passion for literacy. Education is a part of who Kristen is.
Kristen is a natural presenter. She regularly speaks to a variety of audiences on overcoming obstacles through athletics and she has been featured in several national and international publications.


Kristen swims, bikes, and runs. Sometimes not in that order. She enjoys volunteering for various charities. She also really enjoys planning and organizing special events for family and friends (ask her about the BEST 40TH birthday party ever). She is an adventurer as well as a world traveler. Kristen dances like no one is watching and sings like no one is listening. She blogs about recovering from an injury that nearly left her without the lower portion of her right leg and training for an Ironman triathlon. Kristen is a student of life.