Sarah Curtis

Education Consultant


Sarah grew up helping in her mother’s classroom and tutoring students in reading. She spent many childhood days reading piles of picture books and many nights finishing the last chapters of novels. She pursued her own teaching education and completed a Dual Bachelor’s Degrees in Early Childhood Education and Elementary Education from Brigham Young University-Provo. She taught for the next 12 years in first and second grade. She chose to be in the younger grades where students were learning how to read and she loved being a part of each student’s reading journey. Sarah has a thirst for learning best practices in education and while teaching she obtained a Masters Degree in Teaching, as well as Math and ELL endorsements. She was also a Reading First Coach for grades K-3 supporting teachers in their development in literacy instruction and using data to drive intervention. She discovered her passion for professional development and instructional coaching. She also determined that she was interested in learning more about how to support students that struggle in reading. She started with completing an Orton-Gillingham training program from Orton-Gillingham International. She then went on to complete a Master’s Degree in Reading Science from Mount Saint Joseph University and a Dyslexia Certification. She used this new knowledge to start her own Dyslexia tutoring business and worked with students from Kindergarten to adults. She was amazed to see how the students grew and were successful when they were taught the structure of our language with a systematic, explicit and multi-sensory program. The students became confident and stronger readers. She then knew she wanted to support teachers in the same process with their students. She joined the Step by Step team as an educational consultant to accomplish that goal. She is passionate about developing strong, knowledgeable teachers in order to create students that are lifelong readers. She believes that, “The world belongs to those who read.”


Sarah is busy being a daughter, sister, aunt, and great-aunt in a large family that keeps her flying around the country. She has visited 40 out of all 50 states and has Hawaii down as her next destination. She also enjoys international travel. She is halfway done with her goal of visiting 6 continents. She enjoys new adventures and experiences. It always provides her with new insights about different people and cultures. She has a love of mystery and fantasy novels as well as movies. She enjoys baking and is working to develop her cake decorating skills. She also hopes to one day go scuba diving in the ocean.