Small Group Tools

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Help for teachers engaged in small group interventions.


Dr. Fannie Spain

Navajo Nation, Shonto Preparatory School

“One classroom of students began the year at 14% benchmark.  With the help of Step By Step Learning®, student achievement increased to 50% bh mid-year, and ended the school year at 100% benchmarked.” 

Small Group Tools

Step By Step Learning® has designed small group instructional tool kits for teachers who are engaged in interventions to help support the development of students’ literacy skills. The three kits – Phonology, Beginning Decoding, and Advanced Decoding – come complete with detailed lessons and materials for small group instruction, and enable teachers to teach phoneme awareness and early-to-advanced word identification skills. Perfect for RtI and RtII small group instruction for pre-K through third grade, each kit contains carefully scripted lessons, which can supplement any reading program, providing a means for learning how to explicitly and systematically teach the most basic, yet important, early reading skills so that every child learns to read.



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